Frequently Asked Questions

Here's where you’ll find all the answers you need about working with me to plan, write & edit your first book.  There's no such thing as a silly question. So, if there’s a question that I've not answered, please feel free to contact me, and I’ll get back right back to you.

General Questions

If you are exploring your options for working with me, start by signing up for my free email course on Clarifying Your Book Idea. You can also join my newsletter to receive more of my free resources. If you aren't sure about which option is best for you, you can also book a 30-minute consultation to discuss your idea and any questions you might have. You can find out more on my Resources page by clicking gon the button below.

Yes, absolutely. You're welcome to email me with any questions you might have about my coaching and editorial services. To email me or book an appointment, please use the link below to contact me. Or, if you prefer, you can book a free 30-minute no-obligation video consultation with me to discuss your needs and ask questions. To make an appointment with me, click the button below and select a date and time that suits you.

I think smart, highly determined and diligent women can figure anything out! But if you’re looking for a way to save time, stop procrastinating, overcome feeling stuck and avoid the headache of trying to figure all of it out on your own, then my programme will help you do that. At some stage, all writers need feedback and it’s great to get outside expertise to hold up your idea and examine it from a different perspective. Sometimes, we can’t see the trees through the forest when we’re engrossed in our work. A professional perspective can help you make better decisions that align with your goals as a writer and save you from the steep learning curve.

I coach a range of fiction and nonfiction genres, except erotica, and horror.

Yep! I love working with men too. In fact, in the beginning, all of my clients were men. If you read through my website, resources, and emails and feel you share my core values and outlook, then yes, we can work together.

The fastest way to contact me is to email me at: or use the link below. For postal mail, my business address is Aimee Blackledge Book Coach, Suite 121008, PO Box 6945, London, W1A 6US.

Programme Questions

Yes! Project planning is something writers often neglect. Instead, many opt to dive in a start writing. But when writers hit roadblocks while writing and don't have a plan, they soon end up feeling discouraged and lost and they end up giving up on their goal of writing a book. Giving yourself a full 8 weeks to plan your book is the ideal amount of time. I know writers want to rush off and start writing, but you need time to plan and test your ideas before committing to your writing. Remember you’re not just plotting or outlining your book. In my programme, you’ll also be planning the whole project from start to finish.

This programme is for any woman thinking of writing a fiction or non-fiction book. You might only have a vague idea about a book or maybe you are pretty sure what your book should be about. I often find during the programme that clients have more than one book in mind, and they walk away with a larger plan for publishing. I can help you flesh out those ideas and plan a series of publications. You should also have some writing experience, such as attending a writing workshop, course or regular practice.

Absolutely, if you need to on idea generation, then this is the programme for you. I have extensive experience in facilitating collaborative brainstorming sessions where creative thinking and problem-solving will help you devise a book idea you’re excited about writing. The survey you will fill out will also help you refine your ideas by helping you define your readers, The Author Survey you will fill out will also help you refine your ideas, and identify your readers and your wider ambitions as a writer. This is an ideal position from which to generate exciting book ideas!

Many authors worry about this issue to the point that they never start writing. I sometimes see writers going around in circles talking themselves out of pursuing their dreams. Gaining professional feedback on your idea can make all the difference. Rather than shelving your idea for a book, I’ll help you learn how to test out your ideas with your readers, so you have evidence that gives you the confidence to move forward with writing. Together, we will define what viable means to you and your individual situation and then help you devise a way to achieve goals for your book. I believe every book idea is viable and with enough understanding and experience, it can be shaped into the book of your dreams. This process however is highly creative and collaborative, and if you are too firmly attached to your idea, you might struggle with this process. I am experienced in helping authors approach their books from a meta-level, so they can see the larger picture. But you will need to be flexible and open to creating the best possible book for your intended readers.

There’s nothing more exciting than having great ideas! But trying to stuff too many ideas into one book isn’t a recipe for success. I can help you clarify and tease out which ideas are suitable for additional books and/or help you plan for a series of books. This type of planning can take place either before, during or after you go through the process of planning your book. I provide one-hour book series strategy sessions as part of the Plan Your Book programme. You can either let me know in the Author Survey I send you once you sign up for the programme or you can decide later. Many authors are not aware that they have ideas for further books until they go through the process of planning their books. I’ll make sure you’re covered either way.

I’m afraid not. I wish I could give you all the success in the world. However, I don’t think any book coach or developmental editor can promise that you’ll get published, sign with an agent or make money from your book. Firstly, it is unethical to make such claims. I’m a member of the CIEP (Chartered Institute for Editing & Proofreading) and I adhere to a strict Code of Practice. Secondly, every year really well-written and engaging books aren't published or picked up by agents. So much of this is down to budgets, timing and topical relevancy rather than the quality of the book. While I can guarantee my input and involvement, I cannot guarantee these external factors. However, I can ensure that your idea is authentic, that you’ll gain a deep understanding of your readers through audience research, that you’ll be prepared to pitch your book to agents or publishers and that you have comprehensive plans for publishing, marketing and raising your author platform—all things that will help you towards getting published.

This programme is perfect for those who started writing but got bogged down with the process or research involved in writing their book. It’s a perfect opportunity to reevaluate and affirm your goals and get unstuck. It can help you regain a sense of direction with your book. Think of it as an opportunity to reestablish some firm goals in relation to your book. Some authors decide to write a different book following this session, while others tweak their current project to align with their recalibrated plan.

If you already have a draft, I offer a Manuscript Evaluation service. This is helpful if you have written 100s of pages and want to re-plan and evaluate where you currently stand. I offer a bundle programme that includes both my Plan Your Book and Manuscript Evaluation packages. The process for this option starts with a Manuscript Evaluation and then we move onto the 8-week Plan Your Book programme. A manuscript evaluation provides you with a roadmap for revising your manuscript. It includes detailed, professional, and objective feedback and a summary of the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript. This information is valuable for making revisions and is aimed at helping you improve and complete the best version of your manuscript. If you are interested in this service, please email me with your current word count and I’ll provide you with a quote. The cost of a Manuscript Evaluation is £0.015 per word. For your reference, a bundle cost for Plan Your Book and a Manuscript Evaluation of a 40,000-word manuscript costs £1800.

I understand your concern. Yes, there are unscrupulous people operating out there. But rest assured, it’s not common and personally, I do not have either the time or desire to write your book, no matter how fascinating it might be. It’s good to remain savvy about how to protect your Intellectual Property as a writer and I recognise the sense of vulnerability you might feel in sharing your ideas with others. I often witness how the fear of someone ‘taking your idea’ holds writers back from moving forward with writing their books. I always say that the sooner you get your work out there into the world, the sooner you stake your claim. If however, you feel a non-disclosure agreement would make you feel more at ease, then send me an email and I can arrange this for you.

Practical Questions 

When you purchase a Plan Your Book programme, you will be redirected to a Welcome page. There, you will be asked to submit your email and name so you can start receiving programme emails. Your first email will include links to an Author Survey, a Booking Page, and your Programme Materials. The Author Survey explores questions about your book idea and your goals to ensure the outcome of our first session is clearly defined. My Booking Page will grant you access to my calendar to book your first session at a convenient date. Please ensure it is no sooner than 24 hours after purchase so I have time to read your survey. The Programme Materials include important preparation exercises that you should complete prior to our first session. Please note, that if you don’t complete the preparatory exercises, I cannot guarantee that you will achieve the goals you established for our first session. You will also receive two email reminders before our first session.

Yes, I can help you set up your computer or device. I provide full instructions on how to do this when you join the programme and you are also welcome to contact me before your session if you have any questions.

I understand that you have commitments and I want to make it easy for you to access my services. Therefore, I offer the option for you to manage your appointments. You can reschedule your one-to-one appointment up to 48 hours before your scheduled session using my Booking Page from my Google Calendar Appointment Schedule. For rescheduling within 48 hours of your session, you should contact me directly and I’ll do my best to find you a suitable date and time. For further details, please consult my Terms & Conditions. If I need to cancel a session appointment, I will inform you as soon as possible and offer you a priority appointment at a time that suits your schedule.

Yes, you can pause and return to your programme if you need to. Simply email me to let me know. Please note, if you have elected to pay by monthly instalments, these will not be paused and will continue as originally agreed.

You can consult my cancellation and refund policies on my Terms & Conditions page.

Yes. After completing the Plan Your Book programme, I’ll offer you an exclusive rate on my one-to-one coaching packages so you can write your book in 6 months.

Payment Questions

You can securely pay with a credit card, debit card, PayPal, Apply Pay, Google Pay, and Klarna. I accept payments in British pound sterling, US, Canadian and Australian dollars or Euros. You can pay in full or use Klarna to pay in three interest-free instalments, defer your payment by 30 days or spread the cost over multiple months. If you require longer payment options, I can set up a Direct Debit with GoCardless for interest-free monthly payment. Contact me to find out more.

Yes. You can split the cost of your purchase into three interest-free payments using Klarna. If you require longer payment options, I can set up a Direct Debit with GoCardless for interest-free monthly payment. Further finance options are also available through Klarna, but you may be subject to credit checks.

Klarna is a buy now and pay later method that lets clients pay now, later, or in instalments. Pay now: Pay for the purchase immediately by direct debit, card, or bank transfer. For Instalments: Clients can pay for the purchase in 3 interest-free instalments. Pay later: Clients can elect to defer their payment for 30 days (depending on your country). Financing: Clients can also spread the cost of a purchase over multiple months. However, this option usually involves interest and a credit check.

No, my prices currently do not include VAT because I am not VAT registered. Therefore, the prices quoted on this website, are the prices that you will pay when you checkout online.

Legal Information

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I ask that clients sign a contract for editorial work. My coaching clients are bound by the Terms & Conditions they agree to before purchasing.

I can make arrangements for a Non-Disclouse Agreement if you deem it necessary. Please contact me at: so I can make the necessary arrangements prior to any session you may have booked.