Online Working Policy

What you can expect from me:

How We Work

  • My team and I will always treat you with courtesy and respect, supporting you and providing quality information and guidance. My events aim to support your personal development and enable you to grow and enhance your learning through experiential experience.

Recordings and photography

  • I aim for our events to be of the highest quality standard. To ensure this, I, from time to time, will record sessions. These recordings will be stored securely on our internal system, password protected and only be available to view by me and my team. The sole purpose of this is for monitoring and evaluating the quality of my provision.
  • From time to time, I may ask to take a screen capture from a live session for promotional purposes on social media. I will always ask if you are comfortable doing so before taking the screen capture. If you are not, you will be prompted to turn off your camera.


  • You will have the opportunity to comment on online events you have attended. Following every online event, you will receive an email with a link to an online questionnaire. Your feedback is really appreciated and helps ensure I’m delivering the best quality events. If you would like to provide feedback before the end of your event, please email contact me at:

What we expect from you:

How You’ll Use Zoom/Google Meet

  • When attending live online events, please arrive at least 5 minutes before the scheduled start time. You will be placed in a virtual waiting room until the start of the session.
  • When starting a multi-participant online event, please set yourself on mute, until discussions begin. This helps with background noise that can interrupt speakers and make it difficult for everyone to hear. As the session progresses, you will be told when to take yourselves off mute so you can join in discussions. If there is background noise on your microphone, the facilitator may mute you, this is in consideration of whoever is talking. But please feel free to unmute yourself to talk.
  • After the meeting starts, please switch your web cameras on so we can engage together. This vastly improves the quality of the session and helps everyone feel motivated. People may have responsibilities and unavoidable distractions during a session. If you need to leave and turn off your camera and sound, please let the facilitator know by using the ‘chat’ feature on Zoom/Google Meet.
  • If you have a question, please type it into the ‘chat’ area of Zoom/Google Meet.
  • If you require captions, please let the facilitator know by using the ‘chat’ area of Zoom/Google Meet.
  • Please commit your time and energy to the process of the session by setting up your mobile phone to avoid distractions for everyone.
  • There will be scheduled breaks throughout sessions, which will be sign-posted at the start of the session. However, if you require a break outside of those times, please switch off your camera and sound and leave a message in the ‘chat’ area in Zoom/Google Meet to let the facilitator know.
  • Please treat all our staff members and other participants with respect and confidentiality.
  • We strive to provide a short overview at the beginning or prior to the workshop, outlining the sessions. However, facilitators may be flexible in delivery to adjust to the needs and interests of the group.
  • Recap emails will be sent out to participants breaking down what happened during the session, and will include links to all the resources, tasks and further information provided by the facilitator. We will also provide a link to the next meeting.

The Space We Create

All of my sessions and online events require a safe space. We will create an online space that is respectful to everyone present. We want people to feel confident and comfortable during these sessions and we have made a short list of guidelines for everyone to follow to achieve a respectful and supportive online event, if you attend sessions you are required to observe the following guidelines.

  • Be respectful to everyone and observe each other’s boundaries
  • Be considerate when listening to opinions and shared work, we are committed to creating an environment where people feel safe and not judged
  • Be respectful of others’ lived experiences and sensitive with your attitudes and behaviours towards others, particularly regarding protected characteristics
  • Try to avoid being judgmental when giving or receiving feedback on work. You will be given specific advice about effective methods of delivering effective feedback
  • Be positive and help build others' confidence
  • When reading out work, please give a trigger warning for content that may be triggering or content which uses explicit profanity
  • Observe confidentiality. Other’s work or shared experience in the group should not be shared outside the group without their consent.
  • Listen actively and avoid talking over one another
  • Please observe the moments of quiet when we are taking part in group creative tasks. Try not to disturb the focus of others working.
  • If you feel uncomfortable or need to report any behaviour, please email me at:

How You Can Keep Safe Online

We are aware that working online brings us and others into your home or workspace. Therefore, please do not record or take photographs of live or recorded sessions. For great tips on keeping safe online using Zoom, please visit: