Ghost Bones

‘Inventive, exploratory and necessary, Ghost Bones offers an insight into the very marrow of our being.’

—Joelle Taylor— T.S. Eliot Prize Winner 2021

Navigating memory, meaning and possession, this debut book resurrects personal and cultural ghosts. Poets Aimee Blackledge, Jackdaw Faust and Chris Jenkins explore the things that haunt the bones: gender constructs, heritage and liminal identity.

'Ghost Bones takes as its inspiration the idea of taxonomy: the scientific system of classification of organic beings. In each of their individual chapters, the poets explore what this means to them: woman, man, non-binary.

The bridge between spoken word and published poetry is made of books such as this, is made of paper and sound. We hope it finds you.’

—Joelle Taylor— T.S. Eliot Prize Winner 2021

From the Publisher